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How long will it take for my carpets to dry?

Carpet dry time can vary depending on airflow, temperature, and humidity are usually mention by most carpet cleaners but carpet fiber construction and style must also be considered. Masterkleen uses a carpet cleaning system designed to provide maximum water and soil removal, greatly reducing drying time.

Of course you are anxious to move furniture back into place, kids are schedule to return from school and your pets have been locked up most of the day. On average, Masterkleen’s dry time is between 4 to 6 hours. When we are finished cleaning your carpets are only damp but to fully dry it’s up to external factors.

If you need the carpet dried a little faster you could try turning on your heating and air system. This allows airflow though out the house helping circulate air and speeding up dry time. Make sure you don’t have the system set to auto to prevent heating or cooling the house the goal is to circulate are to help dry the carpet.

Additionally, weather permitting open windows and doors to help circulate additional air. If it’s raining this isn’t the best solution because additional moisture can be introduced slowing the dry time. We also recommend that you turn on any ceiling fans to move even more air.

Suggestions to get your carpets to dry faster.

These three suggestions are to help speed up your carpet drying if you are in a hurry but are not necessary. If it is raining when we are scheduled to clean your carpets we will ask if you still want our services or if we can reschedule. It’s not that we don’t want to clean your carpets we want to make sure that we don’t track dirt and mud from outside conditions and know that drying carpets during rainy days can take up to twice as long to completely dry. Both of those options are not good for our customers.

And, it’s really about our customers more than simply getting the work done. We take great care and pride in our services that we always provide the best recommendations so our customers get the very best services. Please check out our carpet cleaning recommendations guide.

If you have any questions or are interested in trying our services please give us a call at (757) 487-0187 or you can contact us online and we will be happy to call you and discuss your needs.

Four recommendations when hiring a carpet installation company.

Why are my carpets buckling and getting wrinkles?

There are many causes for carpets to wrinkle over time.According to the Carpet and Rug Institute it is mandatory for a carpet installation company to use a Mechanical Stretching Device (power stretcher) when new carpet is installed.

It is important that companies use the proper tools when installing your carpet by not using other devices as a substitute or an attachment that could penetrate through the carpet backing. These could cause injury, damage to the carpet or result in inadequate stretch.

A mechanical stretching device used during carpet installation is also referred as a “power stretcher” or “carpet stretcher” they can be found in a number of styles but all should have the four basic capabilities”

  1. A method to positively engage the carpet without slippage or damage. Most approved stretchers usually have a pin plate or similar structure referred to as the “stretcher head.”
  2. A method to bridge between the “stretcher head” and a stationary structure, usually the opposite wall. Typically the stretcher has a series of adjustable metal tubes ending in a padding so not to damage the wall.
  3. A leverage or some other form of device that is capable of supplying force or multiplying the force applied by the installer. This force is required to allow the installer to elongate the carpet to the correct stretch needed to properly install the carpet.
  4. A locking mechanism so the stretcher can be locked into place safely while the carpet is set into place.


CAUTION: Failure to mechanically stretch a carpet may result in:

  • Wrinkling and buckling over time
  • localized damage to the carpet
  • delamination

*Wrinkles and buckles most often caused by a failure to adequately stretch carpet using a mechanical device, using inappropriate or improperly installed cushion, adverse temperature and humidity conditions, or inadequate conditioning time.

Many times when Masterkleen customers give us a call to remove carpet buckles and wrinkles in their carpets is because the installation wasn’t properly completed by a certified professional or it’s to correct a DIY weekend project completed without the proper tools.

The truth for many carpet installing companies they get paid by the install not the quality of the install. Those same companies feel that the power stretcher is too slow and it costs them money. Not using an stretcher might save them money but will cause wrinkles to develop over the first 18 months and will void the carpet warranty immediately.
It is important to ask questions when purchasing a new carpet. As the consumer you should know what tools are being used and if possible be present when the carpet is installed. Manufacturer warranties are very specific and if not done correctly will cause your new carpet to wear unevenly, wrinkle or become damaged and leave you with a voided warranty.

If the company installing doesn’t use a power stretcher or tells you it’s not needed don’t purchase the carpet from them, no matter how great a deal they offer. You are going to pay more in the long run and probably end up having to replace or repair within 24 months.

Seven Tips to Having Carpets Ready for Military Transfer


Masterkleen is a verified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and recognizes the sacrifices men and women do daily to keep our country free. Along with military duties it’s hard to not stress about making sure everything is ready to transfer to your next duty station. Along with excitement of the change the reality of getting your deposit check back shouldn’t be stressful.

We have created a list of seven tips that should help reduce your stress level when it comes to having your apartment inspected for your military transfer.
Masterkleen offers Military Discount so we can help reduce service members stress associated with rental deposits.

It would be a very unhappy day to have your home ready for inspection only to find out your carpets are not up to muster. We created a list of suggestion to help.

Military Discount for Carpet Cleaning

Seven tips on how to pass the carpet cleaning inspection:

1. The best way to keep high traffic areas clean and ready for inspectors is to remove your shoes when you enter your house. Many military personnel assigned to Japan recognize that removing your shoes is not only respectful of your home but keeps dirt and grime away.
2. Clean up spills and spots when they happen. Most spots are easily removed when acted upon right away. Check out our suggestions to carpet care. The longer a spot sits the more difficult it is to remove and if you are doing it yourself know what type of stain it is and use the appropriate material to remove the spot. Bleach isn’t suggested for carpets.
3. Have your carpets cleaned at least once a year. If you have a high traffic apartment because of buddies, kids or pets than we recommend cleaning more often. We offer a cleaning recommendation schedule for your residential property.
4. To protect you during your stay when you clean your carpets we recommend having a stain guard applied. This easily and inexpensive application protects carpet fiber from buddies, kids and pets. Spend a couple of dollars now will save your deposit when it’s time to transfer.
5. When it’s time to move make sure Masterkleen is the last to enter your home. Once we have finished cleaning your carpets your home should be ready for inspection.
6. If you have concerns about high traffic areas, odors, deep stains, urine you should schedule your carpet cleaning so we have time to come back and inspect again prior to your property manager’s inspection. When you plan your carpet cleaning and we have time you allow for use to make sure your carpets are ready for inspection.
7. If you have questions about carpet cleaning, stains, or odors that call us as soon as you have a question. We offer free estimates most of the time over the phone. We will advise you on the best course of action and are here to help reduce the stress of transferring.
When it comes to getting your place ready for inspection you could always find the Craigslist carpet cleaner and hope they are able to provide you the best service for your carpet cleaning needs. Masterkleen has supported military familes in Hampton Roads since 1988. Our mission is to ensure that you are ready for your inspection and the stress of your transfer is less of a burden. Hiring an experienced cleaning company that offers a guarantee and works to support your life changes is a company that will be here for you when you return to Hampton Roads.

Looking for a free estimate? Call us to set up an appointment at 757-487-0187.