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Masterkleen in not just another cleaning company, we are a problem solving company.  With our extensive training and knowledge of textiles, wood, stone, tile and grout, we can devise and apply the best method and cleaning solutions for any given situation.  Science is the foundation of all our cleaning decisions.

Each cleaning is customized to the product being cleaned, external environmental concerns and factors such as pet or spills.

Better Cleaning

Masterkleen’s combination of specialized cleaning solutions, IICRC professional training and certification, over 30 years of experience and unique equipment provides the best cleaning available.

Quicker drying

Our systems are specially designed to remove more water and dries in just a few hours instead of days.  As a result, not only is more water removed, but also the suspended soil, which is why with our system, spots almost never come back.

Safe and effective

All cleaning solutions used by Masterkleen are screened for safety and effectiveness.  Most cleaning solutions are approved by a certifying body to be “Green” and tested for effectiveness by The Carpet and Rug Institute.

All our cleaning solutions are made toxin free and safe for kids and pets.

Spot removal

With over 30 years of experience, we have encountered almost every situation imaginable.

Whether kool-aid, red wine, coffee or whatever else, our success rate is over 90% and if the stain is not removed, your cost is nothing.

Odor removal

While we offer several options for odor control, the most frequently encountered are cigarette smoke odor and either pet urine or animal odors.

Cigarette –  The only option that we recommend for cigarette odors is ozone treatment.  Because of the carbon molecular structure, ozone is the only method that can penetrate to the source and change the chemical makeup by attaching an oxygen molecule thereby neutralizing the odor.

Pet urine – Pet urine starts as ureic acid which is sterile and has little or no odor.  As natural bacteria begin to breakdown and feed on the urine, the bacteria off-gas which is what creates the odor. The digestive process also chemically converts the acid to an alkaline.  Only through proper detection using a UV light and understanding the chemical neutralization process can the odor be controlled or eliminated.

General pet odors – Most of these odors are the result of oils from the animal coat, dead skin cells or pet dander.  Our unique special pet treatment is specifically designed to counter the cause of these odors and when used with our allergy treatment, virtually eliminated allergic reaction to dust mites and pet dander for 3 months.


Reviews from Our Clients

I have used Masterkleen regularly for years, when I used to live in Chesapeake, and more recently in Virginia Beach. They have always arrived on time and gotten my carpets and upholstery clean beyond belief.
Once I had a stain on my carpet that would not come out. Roland was able to patch it, like it never happened. They also do an amazing job with tile and grout. They did such a great job on my carpet, I asked them to clean my tile and grout. The results were amazing.
I recommend Masterkleen to all my friends and neighbors in Virginia Beach. If you want a great carpet cleaner, look no further!

~ Frank B.

I can not say enough about this incredible company! We had Roland and team come in before our Open House and the carpet looks amazing! The best it has looked in over 5 years! Not to mention that Masterkleen fit us last minute with very little notice. I will be telling all of our friends about the professionalism and results this team has displayed!!

~ Bianca M.

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