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Hardwood Floor Cleaning & Resurfacing


Cleaning experts recommend hardwood floor maintenance for the typical homeowner should be every two to four months. Dirt and dust act as a sandpaper to your hardwood floors and rugs.

Masterkleen offers hardwood floor maintenance as part of our in-home and office cleaning services. We understand the importance of clean floors, and have trained and certified technicians to bring back the original brilliance of your floors.

The Masterkleen Hardwood Cleaning Process Hardwood Floor Cleaning & Resurfacing

  1. We vacuum and clean your hardwood floors, removing any loose dirt and debris.
  2. We professionally deep clean your wood with specialized equipment, which helps to enhance the wood’s natural hues and texture.
  3. Lastly, we offer an optional Refinishing Coat, which is a protective finish removing surface scratches. The refinishing process requires a 24-hour cure time.

We recommend allowing one (1) hour of drying time after cleaning before walking/heavy traffic. We also recommend that Masterkleen technicians come to your home three or four times a year for maintenance. Ask about our Maintenance Package and negotiate a cleaning plan today!

Masterkleen Guide to Caring for Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors add warmth and elegance to any home. If you put in the time, use the right cleaner and tools to take preventative measures, hardwood’s natural beauty can last a lifetime.

Get on a schedule:

In order to keep hardwood floors looking their best, the following cleaning and maintenance schedule is recommended.

  • Daily – Sweep up dirt and wipe spills.
  • Weekly – Clean using a product approved by your floor’s manufacturer, if you don’t you could void the warranty.)
  • Quarterly – Schedule Masterkleen to provide professional maintenance to ensure the life of you floor.

Use the Right Cleaner

Whenever possible, get cleaner recommendations and care instructions from your floor retailer and manufacturer. When selecting a cleaning product, avoid using the following materials to clean your hardwood floor:

  • Water – Surprisingly, you shouldn’t clean your hardwood floors with water. Water and wood don’t mix, because moisture can damage wood over the long term.
  • Silicone, ammonia or diluted vinegar – These products can damage your floor’s finish.
  • Products that contain oil soaps, liquid or paste wax – These cleaners leave a residue on your hardwood.
  • Products that contain citrus, lemon, or tung oil – These products can eat away at the floor’s finish.

Use the cleaner at least once a week after you’ve swept up loose dirt. Be sure to spray on the cleaner evenly and never pour it directly on the floor. Use a mop with a terry cloth or micro-fiber pad. Again read the label of any new product carefully before using it on your floor.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning & Resurfacing

Use the Right Tools

Sweep your floors regularly to keep dirt from building up and causing scratches. Use a broom with polypropylene or acrylic bristles. you can also vacuum with a bare-floor attachment with a brush or felt-type head.

We recommend vacuuming, it picks up the most debris, but the choice  of tool is really a matter of personal preference. Make sure the wheels of a vacuum or other tool are free of debris or sharp edges. Soft cloths are perfect for picking up spills. Clean up sticky substances with a damp cloth and be sure to dry the area immediately.

Never use a steam cleaner on hardwood; it can warp the floorboards. Hard-bristled brooms scratch hardwood, and vacuums with rotating brushes can make dents in the floor.

Prevent Damage

Some manufacturers offer hardwood flooring that is resistant to scratches and other imperfections. However, hardwood floors are susceptible to damage, and prevention helps protect them. Put rugs in high-traffic areas, use entry mats at doorways to reduce wear and place felt pads on the feet of furniture to minimize scrapes and gouges. Placing entry mats at doorways is one of the most important things you can do to protect your floors.

Blinds or curtains prevent the sun from bleaching out areas of your floor. If you have a dog, keep its nails trimmed, so they don’t scratch up the floor. If you have indoor-outdoor pets, keep their paws free of dirt, gravel, grease and oil.

If you have to move furniture across a hardwood floor, don’t drag the piece. Instead, lift and carry it – with proper help of course. For heavier items, you may need to use sheets of plywood or other floor protection and a dolly.

And, if you or anyone in your home wears heels or cleats, try to remove these shoes, especially stilettos or damaged heels, before walking across your wood floors.

If you’re willing to put in some extra effort to care for a hardwood floor, you’ll be rewarded with a lovely, long-lasting design foundation for the rest of your home.



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