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Countertop Restoration

Your kitchen countertops are one of the most visible surfaces in your home. And, they also get the best use, aside from your flooring. Call Masterkleen for countertop restoration when scratches, stains, and scorch marks, as well as an unappealing color, make your kitchen look dingy.

First, we will seal off the space and setting up ventilation to keep fumes and odors minimal

Second, we get to work repairing any scratches, chips, or cracks that may mar a smooth, flawless finish

Third, we make sure the surface is clean, sanded, and smooth before applying an agent that ensures the finish bonds properly to the countertop and can stand up to daily use

Lastly, we apply the finish in the color or design of your choosing so that it looks brand new

When it comes to hardwood floor cleaning & resurfacing. We not only recommend allowing one (1) hour of drying time after cleaning before walking/heavy traffic. But also recommend that Masterkleen technicians come to your home three or four times a year for maintenance. With this in mind, ask about our Maintenance Package and negotiate a cleaning plan today!

We Have Over 30 Years of Carpet Cleaning Experience

As an IICRC certified master cleaner with over 30 years of experience, our knowledge is our single greatest tool for solving problems and obtaining superior results. Understanding the propensities of various textiles and determining the cleaning solutions that best fit any given situation, is the basis for our exceptional, science bases results.

Whether you have a level loop olefin or a plush pile nylon. A delicate silk rug or an antique oriental wool, Masterkleen is your local expert for all your cleaning needs.

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