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Odor Removal

When moving into a new home, you experience that “new home” smell. But, overtime you may realize that this scent has diminished. Your home may take in new pets, accidents, spills and more, causing unpleasant odors. Masking odors may seem like a solution, but the combination of chemicals can effect your health. Our odor removal company is trained in identifying odors and restoring the area in which they are found.

Some odors we remove include:

Pet odor removal

Pet odor removal begins with a walk through the contaminated area using an ultraviolet light to determine the location and severity of the contamination. This allows us to determine the best procedures and odor neutralizers to use to correct the situation. Whether the odor is in contact with the floor or upholstery, we can easily restore these areas to be odor-free.

Cigarette Smoke

Cigarette smoke odors are best neutralized using an ozone generator. This procedure requires approximately 48 hours, and all people animals, plant and rubber needs to be removed from the premises.

We Have Over 30 Years of Carpet Cleaning Experience

As an IICRC certified master cleaner with over 30 years of experience, our knowledge is our single greatest tool for solving problems and obtaining superior results. Understanding the propensities of various textiles and determining the cleaning solutions that best fit any given situation, is the basis for our exceptional, science bases results.

Whether you have a level loop olefin or a plush pile nylon. A delicate silk rug or an antique oriental wool, Masterkleen is your local expert for all your cleaning needs.

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