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Complete Sanitation Cleaning

Sick building syndrome, where symptoms are caused directly from a building where one works, costed US businesses just over $60 billion in 2018 due to employee sickness.

Whether you are looking to completely sanitize your home or business, we take the healthy and safety of each and every one of our customers seriously. At Masterkleen, we understand that no two buildings are the same. We design our cleaning to be as personalized as possible, so we will discuss the best approach and practices when it comes to providing our services to you.

By utilizing the right chemistry, equipment, training and experience, we can help disinfect your office, building or home. We can also provide check-ups using our detection equipment and provide you with a personalized plan to regularly maintain a healthy environment all year round.

At Masterkleen, we focus on sanitizing:


High-touch surfaces


State-of-the-art cleaning equipment and tools


Floors, especially high traffic walkways


and more!

person wearing yellow gloves and holding spray cleaner to sanitize and clean white and gold sink

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long will it take for my carpet to dry?

Our systems are specially designed to remove more water. As a result, our systems also remove a higher amount of suspended soil. Consequently, our system ensures that spots almost never come back.

Another benefit of our systems is that the carpet dries much faster than standard carpet cleaning systems. So, instead of taking days to dry, our system allows the carpet to dry in just a few hours.

Are your products safe and effective?

Above all, cleaning solutions used by MasterKleen are screened for safety and effectiveness. Most cleaning solutions are approved by a certifying body to be “green” and are tested for effectiveness by The Carpet and Rug Institute. Conveniently, our cleaning solutions are toxin-free and safe for kids and pets.

Should I vacuum before the cleaner arrives?
  • Generally, we recommend that you vacuum your carpet at least once or twice a week. However, households with children or pets - or more highly trafficked areas - might require more frequent vacuuming.
  • If you vacuum weekly, then it is not necessary to vacuum before MasterKleen comes to your house.
Will Masterkleen move furniture during the cleaning?
  • For your convenience, we clean open areas and will move small furniture (chairs, ottomans, small coffee tables, etc.)
  • If you want larger furniture moved, we can give you an estimate for the additional service.
What should I do before the carpet cleaners arrive?
  • A good rule of thumb would be to pick up the floor as if you were doing regular vacuuming.
  • We ask that you pick up any loose items, which might include toys, books, or breakables. Additionally, please relocate any small pieces of furniture (such as dining room chairs or magazine racks) from the areas to be cleaned before we arrive.
  • If you have any small furniture that you know you want moved ahead of time, please relocate them to another area.