How Long Will it Take for My Carpets to Dry?

Carpet dry time can vary depending on multiple factors, such as airflow, temperature, and humidity. But it’s important to keep in mind that carpet fiber construction and style must also be considered. Masterkleen uses a carpet cleaning system designed to provide maximum water and soil removal. As a result, the carpet takes much less time to dry.

Great for Parents

Many parents know the struggle of waiting for the carpet to dry before the kids come home from school. On average, Masterkleen’s dry time is between 4 to 6 hours. This is just enough time for the carpet to be cleaned and to dry all while the kids are at school.

If you need the carpet dried a little faster you could try turning on your heating and air system. This allows air flow throughout the house, helping circulate air and speeding up dry time. Make sure you don’t have the system set to auto to prevent heating or cooling the house the goal is to circulate are to help dry the carpet.

Additionally, if weather permits, open windows and doors to help circulate additional air. If it’s raining this isn’t the best solution because additional moisture can be introduced slowing the dry time. We also recommend that you turn on any ceiling fans to move even more air.

Suggestions to Shorten How Long it Will Take for Your Carpets to Dry

These three suggestions are to help speed up your carpet drying if you are in a hurry but are not necessary. If it is raining when we are scheduled to clean your carpets we will ask if you still want our services or if we can reschedule. It’s not that we don’t want to clean your carpets we want to make sure that we don’t track dirt and mud from outside conditions and know that drying carpets during rainy days can take up to twice as long to completely dry. Both of those options are not good for our customers.

And, it’s really about our customers more than simply getting the work done. We take great care and pride in our services that we always provide the best recommendations so our customers get the very best services. Please check out our carpet cleaning recommendations guide.

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