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Importance of Air Duct Cleaning

From dust and mildew to pet hair and dead skin, these contaminants are things you definitely don’t want sitting in your air ducts. They can cause a flare-up in allergies, headaches, sore throats, asthma symptoms, and even nausea. Hence, the importance of air duct cleaning, from our vent cleaner company.

Get Rid of Contaminants

Save on Energy With our Air Duct Cleaning

With Masterkleen, we’ll help you get rid of these contaminants. Thus preventing these symptoms for you and your family. Not only will you have cleaner indoor air, but you will also save on energy bills. As blocked air ducts and air vents have restricted airflow, which requires more energy.


How Do We Do It?

We do this by connecting a blower and vacuum to your air duct system and loosening all particles using air duct cleaning tools. These particles are then vacuumed away and removed from your home.

inside of a dirty, silver colored air duct

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We Have Over 30 Years of Experience

With Carpet Cleaning and Air Duct Cleaning in Chesapeake

As an IICRC certified master cleaner with over 30 years of experience. We are not only the choice for many homeowners. But also, realtors and businesses. Understanding the propensities of various textiles and the varying cleaning solutions that best fit any situation. This, is the basis for our exceptional science based results.

We provide our customers the best cleaning experience. We not only offer convenient hours. But also, competitive pricing, superior technology and trained technicians.

Masterkleen is also a Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. That recognizes the sacrifices men and women do daily. Especially, to keep our country free. To show our thanks and appreciation, we offer a 10% discount on our services to all active duty and retired military.

Our Services at Masterkleen

Carpet Cleaning

Whether you have a level loop olefin or a plush pile nylon. Or, a delicate silk rug or an antique oriental wool. Masterkleen is your local expert for all your cleaning needs.

Upholstery Cleaning

We are trained and certified by the IICRC. Not only are we familiar with the varied characteristics of the wide variety of fabrics and blends. But also, are knowledgeable in a variety of safe cleaning methods.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Our designed system thoroughly cleans using an enclosed pressure washing system. That not only breaks the dirt free from your tile and grout. But also, lifts and dries the floor leaving no residues behind.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning & Resurfacing

We offer hardwood floor maintenance as part of our in home and office cleaning services. We not only understand the importance of clean floors. But also, have trained and certified technicians. All to bring back the original brilliance of your floors.

Rug Cleaning

We offer a thorough cleaning of your fine rugs. In fact, we have a very effective rug cleaning facility. In order, to clean an Oriental rug properly, it should be cleaned in an environment where it can be properly dried. As a matter of fact, we have cleaned rugs from all over the world.

Commercial Cleaning

Depending on the type of business you own or manage, we will work with you. For the purpose of, creating a cleaning maintenance plan that supports your business needs. We offer all of our services!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an air duct?

Your HVAC system pulls air through an intake vent. Then that air is heated or cooled. Which, then runs that air through tubes (air ducts) within the building. Eventually, to air vents.

Why is duct cleaning important?

Professionally cleaned ducts not only, reduce the amount of dust. But also, contaminants and micro organisms circulating through the air. With this in mind, it can be very beneficial to anyone who suffers from respiratory issues.

Will duct cleaning reduce energy bills?

Having your ducts cleaned by a professional duct cleaning company not only helps promote health. But also, reduce energy bills. By removing blockages, it can increase the efficiency of your HVAC system. Thus, the system does not have to work as hard to maintain a comfortable temperature in your building.

Does duct cleaning remove mold?

Mold can be very detrimental to your health. Duct cleaning not only cleans out dirt and debris. But also, removes mold that can be harmful to anyone breathing the air. With this in mind, this needs to be done by a professional company. Such as, MasterKleen.

How often should I have my ducts cleaned?

The National Air Duct Cleaning Association states that you should have your ducts cleaned every 3 to 5 years. Although, maintenance to your ducts could vary. Your cleanings could be determined not only by the area in which you live in. But also, by the amount of time you use your HVAC or the health of the people within the building.